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Guaranteed Square 178mm

Guaranteed Square 178mm by Incra

Solid, rugged, yet beautiful is a commonly used description of these great squares.

The hefty construction of the 6.35mm (1/4") solid alloy body and the 19mm (3/4") thick integrated alloy handle just feels right in the palm of your hand. And unlike conventional two–piece designs, the layout angle of our rigid, one–piece body won’t get “bent out of shape” when you drop it!



Our trademark gold and red hardened anodized surface is not only durable, but beautiful, and it won’t tarnish like brass. Combine this with our modern, functional styling and you’ve got a tool that is worthy of the most prominent location in your display cabinet (when you’re not using it, of course). 

Note the way the handle sits on the edge of the work piece for easy accurate use.



Available in 5" (127mm) and 7" (178mm) versions, as well as Guaranteed 45's




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