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i-Box Jig By Incra


i-Box by Incra


From delicate 3mm fingers to bold 19mm joints to exciting new box joint variations, your New INCRA i-BOX is designed to provide the perfect resource for your next joinery task. The dual-pitch lead screw driven positioning engine controls both pin width and spacing with a single adjustment knob while INCRA’s GlideLOCK™ adjustable mitre bar provides smooth tracking at either your table saw or router table.

Once set up make a sample cut with your sawblade or Router bit, Metric or Imperial, as youri-BOX automatically adjusts to either dimension types. Then simply locate the cut onpins,then simply turn dialso pins fit snugly in first cut., then proceed to make the cuts on the front and back parts.

It’s almost magic the i-BOX dial automatically adjusts the required space and pin width to what ever width of cut you are cutting!

The i-Box is equally at home on your table saw with a dado blade, or on your router table as long as it has a standard 19mm x 10mm Mitre Channel.


The i-Box is an evolutionary leap forward from conventional box joint methods - this single jig can be used on both your table saw and your router table, and the IBox's dual pitch lead screw mechanics easily micro-adjust joint tightness & provide a whopping 3mm - 19mm range
of pin widths. It's capable of making good fitting box joints using any width cutter within that range.

The advantages continue beyond the basics: INCRA i-Box-exclusive box joints like the Centre Keyed Box Joint can be used to produce symmetric patterns on a wider variety of timber widths than traditional jigs, making it easier to adapt box joints to existing project plans. Taking the Centre Keyed joint a step further, the Splined Box Joint is yet another INCRA-only decorative joint that's guaranteed to add wow-factor to your projects.

But wait, there's more..... the i-Box can even be used to produce an unlimited variety of classic dentil mouldings!

The INCRA i-Box is packed with innovative features:

  • Use it on your table saw or router table to cut great looking box joints
    with a stacking-type dado blade, dedicated box joint blade set, or
    straight router bits

  • Reversible design works on either side of the cutter

  • Exclusive dual-pitch lead screw mechanism for fast micro-adjusting
    and a broad 3mm - 19mm range of pin widths

    Exclusive INCRA GlideLOCK miter bar fits standard 19mm x 10mm mitre
    slots with a 18.80mm - 19.35mm adjustment range

    FREE 1-hour instructional DVD covers basic setups through advanced
    decorative joinery

  • Works alongside the INCRA HingeCrafter to produce solid wood hinges

  • Front and rear blade guards; front guard also stabilizes boards
    vertically and is adjustable for 3.0mm to 32.0mm timber thicknesses

  • The wide fence allows clamping timber securely into position while
    cutting much better than hand-holding boards, especially when joining
    small or large timber (hand screw clamp not included)

  • Reversible & reusable MDF sub fence dramatically reduces or
    eliminates tearout


If you've been looking to improve your shop's joinery capabilities with a fast, versatile, and easy to use method for producing box joints of all descriptions, the INCRA IBox is what you've been waiting for.

Made in USA.


Backed by a detailed instruction manual and a 62minute Instructional DVD, this has everything you need to create great joinery.





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