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Incra Flip Shop Stop

Incra FlipSHOP Stop

Designed for the IncraLOCK Flip Fence or the extending IncraLOCK Flip Fence SE, this stop gives you the most options and best performance of any stop on the market. With multiple stop rods included and Dual-Arm construction, there is no situation it can't handle.

We even designed interlocking grooves in the arms and fence so that a sharply angled work piece can't slip behind the stop to give you an inaccurate cut. If you need a sacrificial fence for a particular job, just attach it to the Flip Fence like you normally would, and then adjust the body of the Flip Fence to match. It expands perfectly to work with all normal depth sacrificial fences.

Stiff and strong, this tool is made from hardened aluminium and red anodized for long lasting finish. The arms have adjustable tension the expandable body is combined with the patented Incra rack precision positioning.

Incra FlipShopStop shown with both arms down and one of the included steel rods.

FlipShopStop one arm up, one down. Shown with included short steel rods.


FlipShopStop both arms up.

The Flip Shop Stop is Incra's premier stop and is supplied as standard with the 1000se, 1000HD and 3000se Mitre Gauges.  The versatility of this stop makes it a very useful addition to any Incra based workshop.

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