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Incra LS 810mm (32") Positioner Only

Incra LS 810mm (32") Base Mount and Carriage - Metric

The LS System achieves positioning accuracy independently verified to 0.0015” per 12” of travel and repeatability of better then 0.001”. This is only possible because of its 5/8” diameter super-high precision steel lead screw.

The LS simplifies router table operations by putting instant, accurate, repeatable fence positioning in the hands of every woodworker. These router table systems are available in ranges of 17” and 25”. Range refers to the amount of uninterrupted travel between the front face of the fence and the base or in other words, the maximum width of a work piece.

The line of LS Systems are configured as either JOINERY SYSTEMS which include all the components necessary for machining dovetails and box joints and SUPER SYSTEMS which also adds the capability for jointing, edge-forming and shaping.

Stainless steel, adjustable primary scale. Plus four additional scales or joinery templates slots.

New super-precise 5/8” diameter lead screw


Large, easy to grip micro adjust wheel with click-through detents.


UPGRADE includes:

  • 17”  Range Incra LS Positioner

  • Aluminium Mounting Pedestal
  • Stainless Steel Primary Scale
  • Auto Centering Scale



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