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Incra HingeCRAFTER (Full METRIC Version)

Many a woodworker first became aware of the Incra Jig when they saw the beautiful business card cases and jewellery boxes that can be made using a wooden hinge, which the Incra Jig is very adept at making.  

With Incra's new HINGECRAFTER, you can make hinge knuckle sizes up to 19.0mm, too big you can also make 10.0mm, 12.0mm 16.0mm out of any species of wood.  .



  Whiteside Bit Sets to suit HingeCRAFTER are available here

All it takes is a straight bit, bull nose bit, drill bit and of course the HINGECRAFTER.

Another great advantage of this new Incra accessory is the ability to make hinges in lengths only limited by the length of your drill bit. Includes one #30 x 6” drill bit. (Makes up to 10” hinge) and two 6” pieces of 1/8” brass rod. (additional brass rod is available from welding suppliers).

The unique design of the new HINGECRAFTER allows for use in a bench vice or directly on your workbench. It even has a simple, very effective clamp knob (includes one).


The Incra HingeCRAFTER comes standard with a #30 (.1285") x 6" drill bit. This is a good, general-purpose drill bit designed to drill a slightly oversize hole, which eases assembly. When comparing flute lengths, you're actually comparing the ability of the bit to store debris before requiring extraction to remove packed wood chips. In other words the greater the flute length, the less likely the hinge is to split because of its increased ability to extract and eject chips. The only limitation to your hinge making will be the length of drill bits available.



Why wooden hinges?  Because with Incra you can!!



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