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Mesh Turner's Sanding Pack

Woodturner's Mesh Sanding Pack by WoodRiver®

The WoodRiver® Turner’s Mesh Sanding Pack that features a multifunctional sanding material that combines higher quality performance and longer lifespan than conventional aluminum oxide abrasives. Sanding rolls are perfect for spindles, pens, knife handles, or any turning project where small strips of abrasive are needed. The turner’s mesh is woven in a way that creates tiny holes that allow dust particles to escape, which helps prevent clogging and extend life.  Material is flexible, allowing it to easily conform to various shapes.  Our WoodRiver Turner’s Mesh Sanding Pack includes a convenient dispenser that is loaded with five 25mm (1")-wide x 4.5metre (15') rolls of mesh abrasive in 180, 240, 320, 400 and 600 grits. Just pull out the length of abrasive strip you need, and tear it off, using the metal cutting strip.

•180, 240, 320, 400 & 600 grits
•Rolls are 25mm (1")-wide x 4.5metre (15') long
•Self-dispensing and refillable
•Conforms easily to variou


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