ProRouter Table Tops


If the router is claimed to be the most versatile member of your woodworking team of tools, the router table must lay claim to achieving  most of its success.  Over the years there have been many attempts at producing a 'good' router table, most have had mixed success... being great for one thing and useless at another, or... just plain useless from the start.

We believe that there isn't an ideal 'out of the box' solution, moreover there's a need for a range of versatile options that let the woodworker develop a system that suits his or her needs.  Our range of Pro-Router tops provides the starting point for a great router table, be it for fine detailed joinery or larger more robust moulding and edge treatments.

What's more they are designed to compliment the great products from the two major contributors to routing innovation, Incra and Woodpeckers.




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