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R1 Tape Measure

R1 Tape Measure by M-Power Tools


Did you know:  90% of the population are right handed yet most are using left-handed tape measures when marking - why?  M.POWER’s R1 tape measure is the right way round. Hold it in your left hand and mark the measurement with your right hand, saving time and improving accuracy on the job.

Look at any other tape measure and you’ll see what we mean. (the measurements will be printed upside down)

  • Tape measure markings are set Right to left.
  • Blade is printed with large easy to read measurements that we've heat treated for durability.
  • Soft rubber spine is shock resistant and easy to grip.
  • Ergonomic rubber gripped thumb lock.
  • Quick touch blade brake.
  • Stainless steel blade tip for additional durability.
  • Shock absorber extends blade tip life.
  • Imperial/Metric scales, 5.0M/16ft
  • Class 2 accuracy rating
  • High visibility - high impact case.




Are you right handed?:
If you’re right handed, think about what you do every time you pick up a tape measure. You hold your tape measure in your right hand and you use your weaker left hand to make your mark.

For those of us who aren’t ambidextrous (the majority), writing or marking with the wrong hand is difficult and frustratingly inaccurate, especially when trying to work quickly. If you hold the tape measure in your left hand and mark with your right the blade markings will be upside down, causing that dreaded inch too short error that spoils the work piece.


Measure & mark quickly and accurately:
Its only once you have used the R1 tape measure that you realise just how strange it is that tape measures have always been designed for the left handed.

The blade markings are orientated such that when the tape measure is pulled with the left hand the blade markings are the right way up, you can then quickly, accurately and easily mark with your right hand.


A serious measuring tool:
The R1 Tape Measure is a serious tool that's built to last. Well constructed with a high-impact case and a class 2 accuracy rating. The blade markings are large and easy to read and have been heat-treated for extended life, and the soft touch rubber grip and thumb lock are comfortable and easy to handle.

The blade hook is made from stainless steel and its life and accuracy are protected by a shock absorber located where the blade enters the case. We’ve now added a quick touch blade quick brake as well.


A simple solution?:
Like so many accepted anomalies in life, it's not until you're presented with the solution, that you realise there was a problem. Check any of your existing tape measures.

Hold it with your left hand and mark with your right and see if reading upside down is a skill you really need to develop. Perhaps the solution to your tape measure woes should be the R1?




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