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Router Table Stands

  Need a little support for your new router table top? Incra's new Router Table Stands provide a rock solid base to build on. Constructed of hard anodized aluminium and "armour plated" powder coat heavy gauge steel for years of durable performance in your workshop.

T-Slotted Aluminium legs permit easy assembly and allow for positioning of the optional shelf supports at any height. Great for creating a shelf at a comfortable level. Non-skid leg levellers for vertical height adjustability from 34-1/2" (875mm)to 36-1/2" (930mm). Need a cabinet for your router station? No problem with Incra's innovative leg design. Just slide 12mm panels into the channel on each leg to easily enclose the stand. Create the ultimate dust collection enclosure in minutes.


INCRA's Router Table Stand is available in 2 sizes. The RTSTAND 36 is perfect for any standard router table top including our ProRouter Tables Type 'Á' & Type 'B'. The larger RTSTAND 43 is the best choice for big table sizes like ProRouter Table Type 'Ç'

 The optional wheel kit is a great small shop solution allowing for easy movement of the stand from one location to another.


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