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Story Stick Pro 1200mm

Woodpeckers Story Stick Pro - 1200mm

Woodpeckers Story Stick Pro is the new and improved version of Woodpeckers original Story Stick. Along with many new easy to use features, it's also now available in two lengths, 600mm and 1200mm. The Story Stick Pro has both a standard and centre scale on the top surface making it easier to read. 


Another new feature is the clear double tabs. The double tabs extend out from both edges of the track thus creating a mirror image of your setup. Now you can set the Story Stick up and use it from both edges of the board or both sides of a cabinet without having to reconfigure the tabs.
The mirroring feature makes marking a cabinet for hinges, hardware or drawer slides a cinch. Simply set the tabs to your desired dimensions, snug the knobs and your set to go. Use opposite sides of the tabs to mark opposite sides of the cabinet. This approach guarantees that both sides will be the same.
The Story Stick Pro supports a number of new optional accessories the first of which are calliper arms.


Calliper arms allow you to quickly create a physical “stick” to use as a cut-to reference. For instance if you needed a vertical face frame divider you would separate the arms to the opening, lock them in place then transfer that length to the work piece which can now be cut to the exact length without ever needing to know the actual dimension.
The new Story Stick Pro is available in either an imperial or metric version and includes (4) tabs and (1) stop. Calliper arms sold separately. Made in U.S.A.



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