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Woodpeckers UniLIFT Special Run


This page is provided to allow you to confirm your interest and pay a deposit on a UniLIFT from a special run to be manufatured by Woodpeckers.


The price including GST is $655.00, a deposit of $100.00 is required.  Sufficient numbers have been received and this project is PROCEEDING


The balance ($555.00) will be payable approximately 2 weeks prior to delivery. i.e. when we have a shipping date ex OHIO USA.


The description below highlights the UniLIFT's features, please however note, the new version will be GOLD  anodised as this will improve the readability of the fence setting scales.

Introducing every woodworkers 'must have' product. This great router accessory is the first four post router lift, and the first lift with an interchangeable router mounting plate. With pre-machined hole patterns and fixings for many different routers, now virtually every router type can be adjusted from above the table.

While most parallel plate style lifts try to support routers from only one side and only two posts, the Woodpecker UniLIFT provides support on both sides of your router with four precision ground and polished steel posts . Many lifts claim to be stable, but when the weight of the whole router is cantilered off only 2 posts movement is inevitable.

The UniLIFT is Absolutely wobble free, with phosphor bronze bearings and four ground posts.

The new UniLIFT adjusts the cutter height with 1.60mm per revolution and .05mm per graduation makes precision routing a breeze . No special tools required, the speed crank handle is supplied as standard.
The UniLIFT features two convenient cranking positions giving precise adjustment approx. 1.6mm per turn or 0.05mm per graduation all achieved from above the router table.

The unique router mounting plate design of the UniLIFT now makes it possible to easily interchange different routers. By attaching a separate mounting plate to each router, you can change routers in just a couple of minutes. Fits most plunge routers (see list below, blank plates also available)

95mm RANGE
The new UniLIFT has 95mm height adjustment range. This is about 25mm more then what most plunge routers have the machined recess reduces bit length loss.

The new UniLIFT also features a rock solid brake designed to firmly lock the router height position and prevent unwanted height changes. Brake Wrench included, 1/4 turn locks height.

UniLIFT has a chain drive device offering durable, slip free transmission of the crank handle rotation to the router support. Solid engineering, quality workmanship with slip free chain drive adjustment.

The UniLIFT is built on a cast, Blanchard ground 235mm x 300mm by 10mm (approx) thick aluminium tool plate. The plate has two spring-loaded temperature compensating ball bearing plungers and eight threaded set screws for levelling. With these easily accessible levelling screws, you won’t have to wrestle underneath the table to level it. Plus, the ball bearing plungers ensure that your router is against the table edge before you begin cutting. They not only position the plate but also eliminate vibration and heat related deformity.

By machining a recess in the underside of the main plate, the effective thickness added to the normal base of your router is 8mm. That’s at least 1.60mm less then competitive plate type lifts. As with any casting, some very minor blemishes may be evident on the plate surface, these will in no way effect the accuracy or use of the UniLIFT.

Included with each UniLIFT are three Twist Lock Insert Rings with. A 25mm and 63mm hole diameter as well as a step ring for Porter Cable style template guide bushings.

Optional 8 Piece Twist Lock Rings are available here

Each UniLIFT supplied with a speed crank handle as standard, (3) moulded TwistLOCK rings, Starting Pin, plated Spanner Wrench, Brake Wrench and mounting screws for the following routers and other routers that share the base design of these routers. Plus of course there;s a blank mounting plate for your special router.

  • Hitachi M12V2, M12VE(H1)
  • Porter-Cable 690, 7529, 890, 8529,7518, 7536, 7539
  • Bosch 1613, 1615, 1617, 1618
  • Fein RT1800
  • DeWalt 621, 625, 6184, 610
  • Freud FT2000
  • Triton (2400 watt & 1400 watt)
  • Milwaukee 5619, 5625
  • Makita 3612C, 1101, RP2301fc


Unilift16 SR

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