Having a plan, a diagram or just a simple sketch is the starting point for most projects.  Some of us need detailed instructions, others are prepared to 'wing it' using scant information.

Whatever kind of woodworker you are our aim is to offer guidance to ensure your woodworking projects are practical and enjoyable to make.

With the help of the good people at Woodcraft magazine, we are able to offer a selection of plans that will guide you through making some interesting weekend projects.


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Hand Mirror
 Tool Cubby    
 Weekend Workbench    
 Asian Vase  

The Essential
Block Plane Guide

K.I.S.S. (Simple)

Morticing Jig

 Tenoning Jig  
 T Square
Router Guide
Peg Racks
Curvy Wall Shelf
A-Frame Planter
Tree Ornament

ULU Knife & 
Chopping Board

Recipe Card Box

Stackable Wine Racks



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