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Woodpecker Super Track 48" (1220mm) Track Only

Super Track 1200mm by Woodpeckers

A very useful clamping and hold down station can be built by combining SUPER TRACK with the optional SUPER TRACK CLAMPS as well as commonly available toggle clamps. These clamps are perfect if you intend to use SUPER TRACK as a fence or in a clamping application.

If a fence is what you're after, consider attaching two pieces of SUPER TRACK at right angles using SUPER TRACK BRACKETS. These brackets attach to SUPER TRACK in virtually any combination of track and work surfaces. They even have adjustment screws for squaring up the track.

Dimensions in METRIC

3.850 inches = 97.80mm

0.700 inches = 17.78mm

0.575 inches = 14.60..


Available In  1220mm nominal length


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