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WoodRiver #62 Low Angle Jack Plane

WoodRiver® #62 Low Angle Jack Plane

Originally promoted as a plane for heavy stock removal across the grain, the No. 62 has found a home as a smoother and is quite popular among collectors.

The WoodRiver® No. 62 is faithful to the original design, but is almost a full pound heavier at approximately 2 kg's (4.6 lbs). It features a body cast from ductile iron, with a bed angle of 12°, a bubinga tote and front knob, and a high-carbon steel blade with a 25° bevel.

The plane measures a little less than 350mm (14") in length x 62mm (2-7/16") in width and has a 51mm (2")-wide blade.

  • Heavy ductile iron casting
  • Mn65 high-carbon steel blade
  • Flat Sole and square sides
  • Bubinga tote and front knob 

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