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WoodRiver No 7 Jointer Plane

WoodRiver Jointer Plane No 7

The No. 7 is known as a “jointer.” It features the same blade and width as the No. 6, but it is 560mm long (110mm longer) and weighs 4.3 kg's. (nearly 1 kg. heavier), making it almost the same weight as a Stanley No. 8. The No. 7 is used for truing edges prior to glue-up and flattening boards or large surfaces like tabletops. We found the extra heft came in handy when dealing with any grain that might have given a lighter plane trouble and was less tiring to use.

V3: Like our previous WoodRiver® Bench Hand Planes, our version 3 is based on the reliable Bedrock design and features heavy, stress-relieved ductile iron castings, fully machined adjustable frogs and A-2 blades, but we took the opportunity between manufacturing runs to do a critical review and make a few improvements. We’ve changed the shape of the rear tote and increased the diameter of the blade adjustment wheel to make advancing the blade a bit easier. We improved the lateral adjustment lever and added a traditional style bearing for better control of the blade. We’ve made numerous changes to the castings that result in better “feedback” and a solid feel to the user. Working closely with our own manufacturer, we’ve continued to make improvements in machining, finish and functionality which we feel have yielded hand planes that are meant to be used and offer an extraordinary value.

  • 72mm (2-7/8") W x 560mm (22") L with 60mm (2-3/8") W blade
  • Modeled after the Bedrocks, Stanley Tool's very best line; Commonly known as a jointer plane
  • WoodRiver® hand planes feature the same heavy castings and fully machined frogs
  • Lightly finished Bubinga handles for comfort and control; Tools require minimal tune-up prior to use
  • Soles and sides are machined flat and square within tightly held tolerances

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