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WoodRiver Silicone Bench Mat 300mm x 300mm


WoodRiver Silicone Bench Mat 300mm x 300mm

Our WoodRiver® silicone mats are the perfect accessory for your benchtop. Silicone resists most types of glue and finishes that woodworkers use, so it makes excellent glue-up and finishing mats for small projects, as well as sharpening mats for oilstones or waterstones.

The mat keeps water and oil off your bench while providing a nonslip surface to prevent your stone from sliding. Plus the 2mm-thick soft, flexible mat also provides

protection from dropped tools that might damage the bench surface.

This 600mm x 450mm mat is great for larger projects or for setting up a sharpening station. Two or more mats can be combined to protect a larger surface.
  • Perfect size for smaller glue-ups
  • 300mm x 300mm size
  • Great for Sharpening
  • Tough, flexible, soft and nonstick
  • Resists most glues including yellow and white glue, epoxies and most CA glues



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