Changing Router Motor Beatings

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Whilst this is not directly applicable, this video shows the basic steps in replacing the gearings  on a router motor. IF YOU ARE UNSURE YOUR LOCAL POWER TOOL REPAIRER CAN ASSIST https://youtu.be/Ii5eTIV4JfM The bearing specicications are: BB-6004ZZ BEARING 6004 ZZ /2AS NON CONTACT METAL SHIELD BB-6000LLU BEARING 6000LLU CONTACT - RUBBER SHIELD  

Updated shipping charges September 2022

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We have reliuctantly had to increase our shipping charges, as Austraiola Post and our other carriers have increased their charges to us significantly. As this is the first adjustment to our shippingh charges in over three years we had no alternative but to pass these charges on.  Fuel costs and labour are the main contributors to this ibcrease. We are constantly monitoring the transport situation and will pass on any saviings to you our valued customers.  We will also monitor our packing process to ensure we achieve the safest most econical delivery possible.  If the charged shipping amount significanty exceeds our cost we will refund via your chosen payment method.

Impact of Coronavirus

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Update #3 - 2.30pm 05/08/20 Victoria is now in severe Stage 4 COVID19 restrictions.  We are trying to maintain a Business as Usual approach, however some important points should be noted; Our 5 - 7 day order processing time may need to be extended occasionally due to the extremely high volume of orders being processed.  Please be patient all orders are treated with the same level of importance and will be shipped as quickly as possible. Our two main carriers Australia Post and Hunter Express are also handling extraordinary volumes, therefore transit times may be extended in some areas. Our staff are working hard to keep all customers happy, we ask that you don't call enquiring about orders still within the 5 - 7 day processing period.  These calls will only delay orders being shipped. We thank you for your patience in these diificult times. Update #2 - 2.30pm 19/04/2020 Australia Post Please note Australia Post have advised us of a delay in parcel delivery due to reduced flights, social distancing procedures and increased demand.  We cannot commence lost parcel procedures with Austra;lia Post until 7 days after the original due date. Update #1 - 7.30am 14/04/2020 Incra Due to the total lock-down imposed by Dallas County Texas being extended until May 20th 2020 shipments will be delayed.  We are in regular contact with the guys in Texas and will keep updating the status.  Please check with us prior to ordering. Noon 23/03/2020 WE ARE OPEN!! On-Line trading is as normal, with a few minor excetions see below. Pricing As you are aware, we are experiencing a dramatic and rapid devaluation in the Australian dollar, having been heavily impacted from the current COVID-19 pandemic.   Due to the pace at which this is occurring and the frequency of our stock turnover, we have no choice but to amend some of our prices. We have made the difficult decision to suspend the quoting of advanced orders and instead will review requests on a case-by-case basis.    Hopefully, this will be a temporary measure to help get through the current volatility, and please rest assured that we are making every effort to minimise the impact this has on you valued customers. Deliveries We will continue to accept orders and ship using Australia Post and Hunter Express for as long as these options are available.  New Zealand orders will be suspended as these require counter attendance  to lodge.  Pick-ups WILL NOT BE POSSIBLE.  Please ensure that you include a contact telephone number, if paying by PayPal please email us with a telphone nimber as soon as you receive your order confirmation. Technical Support We will continue to offer telephone and email support, EMAIL and telephone 03 9776 1521 (option 2) Situation Updates We will use this blog entry as a means of communicating with you, our valued customers.  Please visit here regularly.

Incra vs. Leigh

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Some wise words from our old mate Roger Phebey (former owner of Woodworkers Workshop UK.) on a video comparing the Leigh Jig with The Incra LS systems Both products are from quality manufacturers and having over 15 years experience of importing & selling the INCRA product, before retiring some 4 years ago, I find your approach a little strange. It is what the product can do for you that is key. Yes, the cost of purchase is important but I always found when talking to a prospective customer that the best place to start was by asking what they wanted to achieve because usually they came to the discussion with an idea of the cost.  With an INCRA LS17 system you could make a lot of different projects, the model you are talking about was designed to be used on a saw table hence the 32" movement and was generally sold to those using it with a table saw/router table combination set up.  Now I am biased and think the INCRA system is the better choice but it is really what you know you want to do with the system now, and possibly in the future. My advice is buy which ever product you decide on from a company that knows its product, Wood Workers Workshop for INCRA, as to who sells Leigh I don't know because in retirement I spend my time woodturning. The video can be seen HERE

Incra LS Positioner Video

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Incra's LS Positioner video can now be accessed on YouTube https://youtu.be/rHFkQHYkZO4 Note this talks about the imperial version.  Note; all the positiones we sell are FULL METRIC Enjoy

Changes to Procedures

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In an attempt to keep our customers better informed, we are now emailing; Invoices Back-order Updates Shipping Advices  On the day the goods are shipped or we are advised of a delay to our inwards goods shipments.  Paper copies of these documents will no longer be included with your order You will also receive an email from Australia Post once the goods are picked up. If you have any concerns about an order, please do not hesitate to call us.  

Trend Air Shield Pro Special Offer

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In conjunction with the good folk at Trend, we are offering a huge $72.50 saving on any Air Shield Pro's sold up until March 31st 2019 Check out this great product HERE

James Krenov Video

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There are many fanous woodworkers scattering the pages of woodworking history, perhaps the most passionate was in our opinion James Krenov. His attention to detail and practical approach is highlighted in this short video prepared by two of his former students.

Check out our Clearance Corner

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From time to time we find some items in stock that either have; minor damage, aren't selling as well as we hoped or are just tired looking and can't command full price.  So that why he have our CLEARANCE CORNER Why not check it out and garb yourself a bargain with many items more than 50% off.

New!! Clamping Square version available

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Originally made popular as the Woodpeckers Aluminium Clamping squares, these moulded versions give the same functionality but made from durable moulded resin.  They are easy to keep clean, wont damage if dropped and a far more economical.  The handy 150mm leg length makes them equally suitable for assembly of boxes and small cabinets.