Dovetail Marking Knife Replacement Knife Blade - Rob Cosman
"For over thirty years one of my most trusted dovetail tools has been my modified marking knife. Working with renowned blade manufacturer IBC we have re-created every detail in this replica tool. Transferring tails to pins accurately is such a vital step in the dovetail joint I think you will find this to be your missing link!" - Rob Cosman
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Product Description
Replacement Knife Tooth Blade Only

Working with renowned blade manufacture IBC, Rob Cosman has re-created every aspect of his most trusted tool, the Dovetail Marking Knife. The handle is made of cast aluminum, with just the right weight and balance to be used right-handed or left-handed, and the rectangular shape ensures proper blade orientation.

The IBC blade has a standard bevel and a micro bevel that prevents the blade from wandering, especially on end grain, and the thin blade allows for marking in the tiniest of openings. The 32mm (1-1/4") long blade has a slightly rounded cutting surface that allows full contact with the wood surface, regardless of the angle at which the tool is being used. Handle length is 150mm (6").

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