Angle Trainer - Rob Cosman
The Hand Plane is one of the most important tools in your shop but if it is not properly sharpened, it is useless. The Rob Cosman Angle Trainer is the perfect tool to help you develop the proper method of hand sharpening your plane blade.
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Product Description
When you feel comfortable, you will be able to hand sharpen your plane blade like a professional. Rob Cosman has been woodworking for most of his life. While earning a B.Sc. in Industrial Technology/Furniture Design at Brigham Young University, he was Dr. Dale L. Nish's teaching assistant. Rob has also worked with many of the world's best craftsmen – including Alan Peters, Sam Maloof, Tage Frid, Monroe Robinson and Peter Korn.

Rob’s a big believer in sharpening plane blades freehand because it’s efficient and fast. So fast in fact that by the time I’ve jigged my blade up to begin sharpening, Rob’s done, reassembled his plane and is making shavings thin enough to read through. That kind of fast, efficient sharpening is acquired through practice but where do you start.

Start with Rob’s Angle Trainer, a triangular shaped set of free hand sharpening training wheels. The Trainer helps you learn how to hold the plane blade at the proper angle for primary and secondary bevels while actually sharpening. Before you know it, you’ll be sharpening without it and enjoying more time making curls with your plane. 

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