De-burring Plate Fasttrack Sharpener - Trend
Deburring plate super extra fine finish stone for the Fasttrack sharpening system.
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Product Description
The Fast Track is a a portable hand operated honing system giving guaranteed razor fine edges every time.
Easy to use with no set up time required.  Deburring plate can be mounted in the recess in the Fasttrack base or on a separate base for other sharpening tasks.

Fast Facts;
  • Self adhesive backed for easy fit into recess in Fasttrack base.
  • For quick removal of a burr on chisels and plane irons.
  • Pull chisel or plane iron backwards when removing from Fast Track to deburr cutting edge.
  • Will retro fit to existing Fasttracks.
  • Deburr plate could also be stuck on a user made backing board to hone other tools in the workshop.

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