A2 Cryogenic Block Plane Blade 1-5/8" (43mm) - Hock Tools
It seems the BLOCK PLANE is the workhorse of many cabinet shops. Although taken for granted, this is a very handy and versatile tool. And, like the larger bench planes, it responds well to a better blade and a little TLC.
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Product Description
These blades will fit Stanely and Record Block Planes and they may fit others.
All are 3/32" (2.38mm) thick and 4-1/4" (108mm) long

Our choice of High-Carbon Tool-Steel (.95% Carbon: either O1, our "high carbon" or A2) offers the finest, sharpest edge possible. Its chromium and vanadium additions amount to only 1/2% each allowing quick, clean honing with traditional techniques. High-carbon steel holds and takes an edge better than anything else. We guarantee it.
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