Extended Slab Flattening Mill - Woodpeckers
Extended Slab Flattening Mill. Includes (4) 1830mm rails, (2) 1220mm cross rails, (1) router sled, (4) Slab Clamping Dogs and all assembly hardware.
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Product Description
The hottest trend in interior design these days is live edge slab table tops. And, why not? The natural curves of the trunk give an organic feel. The crazy grain patterns in crotches and burls are eye-catching. Even cracks that would have sent timber to the firewood pile just a few years ago are being controlled and enhanced with butterfly patches and epoxy inlays.

However, slabs present some challenges in the shop. Overall width and weird grain changes make the use of a jointer and thickness planer impractical if not impossible. If you just tear into it with a belt sander you will eventually end up with something that is somewhat smooth, but not even close to flat. And who wants a table that isn’t flat?

Woodpeckers Basic Slab Flattening Mill (along with your router) lets you accurately and easily flatten oddly shaped and oversized slabs right in your own shop. Since you’re using a router instead of a planer-style cutterhead, tear-out is minimal…the surface will only need light sanding afterwards.

Woodpeckers Basic Slab Flattening Mill can be mounted to any flat and level work surface in just a few minutes, even a simple sheet of MDF. With this setup, you can easily flatten slabs up to 965mm wide by 3275mm long or 1575mm wide by 2665mm long.
You will appreciate that the whole assembly can be condensed down to work on cutting board and end table sized projects without reaching across a vast stretch of unused space.

Using the Slab Flattening Mill is as easy as sliding your router across the slab and back, moving over a little less than the width of your cutter and repeating until you’re done. It comes with all the hardware you need to mount it to your workbench or a sheet of plywood. You’ll also get 4 Slab Clamping Dogs that keep the workpiece firmly in place.
The Slab Flattening Mill works best with a router of 1650 watts or larger. You’ll get done in less time if you stick to larger diameter spoil board style bits.

So if you’ve been holding off tackling a live edge slab project because of all the challenges, you just ran out of excuses.

Fast Facts;
  • Flattens Slabs up to 965mm wide and 3275mm long or alternatively 1575mm wide and 2665mm long
  • Best used with a 1650 watt plunge router or larger
  • Unique rail design avoids dust and chip build up
  • Router mount plate is pre-drilled for most routers (Including the Triton TRA001)
  • 4 Slab clamping dogs are included, extra dogs (4 packs) are available.
  • Most productive when used with a 50mm dia or larger planing or spoil board bit
  • MDF (or similar) mounting board required (not included)

Note:  Due to the large package size additional shipping charges may apply to remote areas.
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