3 in 1 Bench Bites - WoodRiver®
It used to be that a bench dog was a bench dog was a bench dog. That was before WoodRiver® 3-in-1 Bench Bites.
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Product Description
The Bench Bite is a multifunctional work support that will get as much use as your saws. Bench Bites are designed to fit into the standard 19mm (3/4") dog holes of your workbench.

Each bite has a removable cover that exposes the prefabricated slot to slide your spring action clamp through. Now your bench bite is converted to a hold-down, giving you the maximum hold on your workpiece.

But that isn’t all the WoodRiver Bench Bites do. Return the removable top to the base of the Bench Bite, and you now have a raised surface to finish your project. You won’t need to worry about your project sliding off of the top, because the soft rubber tips will grip your surface, as well as prevent scratching.

Fast Facts;
  • Each package contains 4 Bench Bites
  • Designed to fit into your standard 19mm dog holes of your workbench.
  • Removable top to insert your favorite spring clamp and create a hold-down
  • Rubber tipped top to grip your project during sanding and finishing
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