Stacked Dado (Trenching Set) - WoodRiver®
Accurate, precise, consistent, reliable – these are words that one associates with a quality saw blade. Now, you can add WoodRiver® to that list. High grade German steel and premium grade Ceratizit™ carbide are combined by top-notch Israeli manufacturing to make this WoodRiver 200mm (8") Stacked Dado Set that delivers a superior cut on an edge that will stay sharper longer than other blades on the market.
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Product Description
The WoodRiver 200mm (8") Stacked Dado Set is optimised to cut flat bottoms and square shoulders when making grooves from 6.35mm to 24.3mm (1/4" to 61/64") for building furniture or cabinets where right angles are involved.
Woodcraft worked closely with the manufacturer on the production of this product.  “The manufacturer made the dado design specific to our company in the fact that the two outside blades have 24 teeth, and it comes with 5 chipper blades. That is considered a high-end dado blade. They also worked a lot with the manufacturer making sure the tolerances were exact as can be. Sounds ‘simple,’ but it is rarely achieved on a consistent basis through mass manufacturing.”

Fast Facts;
  • SAWSTOP Compatible
  • Includes;
    * 2 blades,
    * 5 chippers - 4 x 3.175mm (1/8"), 1 x 1.6mm (1/16")
    * 14 piece shim set - 4 x 0.051mm, (0.002"), 4 x 0.025mm (0.001"), 4 x 0.488mm (0.20")
  • True 203.2mm (8") diameter
  • Arbor: 5/8" to suit most 10" tablesaws
  • Teeth: 24
  • Tooth Type: -6° Hook angle
  • Groove size: 6.35mm (1/4") to 24.2mm (61/64") including shims, 6.35mm to 21.6mm without shims
  • Made in Israel from German Steel and Premium grade Ceratizit™ carbide tips

Thanks to Tony at Penalty Box Woodshop

We also found a very interesting article on how to simply and accurately set up a dado set to any width of cut HERE  
Thanks to instructables.com 
Reviews (1)
Name : Eddie Losic
Location : Granville NSW
Title : Great Tool
Review : Whow! what a fantastic dado. I have been tempered for ages to buy a set, and since its a Woodcraft product it was a no brainer choice.

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