Incra 3000se Mitre Gauge - METRIC
The Special Edition Incra Mitre3000 SE with a 685mm to 1220mm telescoping fence. This new mitre gauge takes the top spot as Incra’s finest mitre gauge tool
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Product Description
Now you can accurately and repeatedly set the Incra Flip STOP anywhere along its extended 1220mm (48”) range without needing a 1220mm (48”) fence. When not extended, the heavy-duty Flip FENCE is 686mm (27”) long. The last 100mm or four inches then telescopes another 533mm (21”).  Now in FULL METRIC out of the box!

The Mitre5000 SE version is built around the Angle LOCK mitre head with positive angle stop positions every 1/2°. This is an unprecedented level of accuracy in a mitre gauge product.

The Incra Mitre 3000 SE features the 19mm x 10mm Glide LOCK steel mitre bar with up to eight expandable nylon rings to achieve an absolutely perfect fit in any standard mitre gauge slot.

Each mitre 3000 SE comes complete with the Glide LOCK mitre bar, the dual actuator Angle LOCK mitre head, the new telescoping 27/48 Flip FENCE and FlipSTOP. 

The new Stock-Grip Auxiliary fence both eliminates stock slippage and reduces rear-edge tear out. This 685mm long, MDF sub fence is coated with a 5 mil thick non-slip plastic coating. The coating is designed to grip your work piece and keep it accurately seated during angled mitre cutting. A 610mm extruded aluminium T-Track is attached to the top edge, which captures a deep reach, toggle clamp. This toggle clamp easily adjusts anywhere along the fence length. Multiple clamps can be used to provide added hold down force.

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