LS Positioner 635mm (25") Full METRIC Joinery System - Incra
The LS is unquestionably the most accurate router table fence available. It’s capable of achieving accuracy usually only found on machinery costing tens of thousands of dollars.
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Product Description
Now even novice level woodworkers can produce dovetails, box joints, mortise and tenons, housings, rebates and more that look like they were fitted in a machine shop. 

The Lead Screw (LS) Technology
The new LS achieves positioning accuracy independently verified to 0.0015” per 12” of travel and repeatability of better than 0.001”. This is only possible because of its 16mm (5/8”) diameter, 1.00mm pitch super-high precision steel lead screw.  
In woodworking terms, that's accurate enough to split the line from a sharp pencil into 25 equal parts! And because an INCRA positioner is mechanical in nature, every fence setup is easily repeatable with zero error hours or weeks later.

The INCRA Wonder Fence 
The Wonder Fence slides into the front T-slot of the Pro-II joinery fence, and it adds adjustability to accept any size router bit and accommodates zero- clearance subfences. The Wonder Fence also adds the ability to very precisely offset the infeed and outfeed fence halves for edge jointing rough lumber or setting up for complex moulding jobs like reversible glue joints.

Important; The LS 25 (635mm) versions are specifically designed for extra deep boxes e.g. blanket boxes.  Unless you are likely build these items on a regular basis, we recommend the more compact and user friendly LS17 (438mm) versions.

Fast Facts;
  • 635mm (25”)  Range Incra LS Positioner
  • Aluminium Mounting Pedestal 
  • 712mm (28”) PRO-2 Joinery Fence
  • Infeed and outfeed fences are independently adjustable in  0.051mm (2/1000") steps over 3.0mm (1/8") range
  • Expandable ShopSTOP 
  • 350mm (14”) Extender Bar
  • 250mm (10”) Right Angle Fixture 
  • Incra PushGUARD (new)
  • Stainless Steel Primary Scale
  • Master Reference Guide, incl. Metric Adendum 
  • 26 METRIC Joinery Templates
  • 82 minute Instructional DVD
Add Whiteside 6 piece Router Bit Set,
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