CVP S01-I Table Saw Super System Combo Value Pack - Incra
Setting up a table saw / router table combination can be a daunting task, there's a lot to consider. These Combo Value Packs will save you between $50 and $100 depending on which of the offerings you choose.
You Save $21.00

Upgrade to XL Version for saws wider than 720mm

Add Incra Router Plate or Lift

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Product Description
The heart of the system is of course Incra's legendary LS Positioner, we then added a;
  • ProRouter Table
  • RT Support Hardware
  • Router Plate or Lift of your choice
  • ProRouter Switch (Standard)
  • Whiteside D610 Router Bits to suit  Incra system

Fast Facts;
  • Incra LS Positioner 32" or 810mm Range
  • Incra's Patented Steel Lead Screw 1.00mm pitch 
  • Micro Adjust Wheel with Rotating Bezel and Quick Action Cam Clamp
  • Incremental Positioning in 1mm (metric) Steps 
  • Continuous Micro-Positioning with Audible Detent Every 1/20th mm on metric version
  • Solid Steel and Aircraft Grade Aluminium Construction Throughout 
  • Engraved 810mm Stainless Steel Magnetic Scale 
  • Hairline Cursor and "Big View" Optical Window
  • 1830mm (72”) Fence Rails (pair) and brackets.
  • Fence and Mount Panel to suit tablesaws narrower than 720mm 
  • Hardware packs and fully illustrated easy instruction manuals
  • Right Angle Fixture 
  • Incra METRIC ShopSTOP
  • Master Reference Guide with 26 METRIC Templates
  • WonderFENCE Heavy Duty Split Fence 
  • Hi-Rise Fence Cap 
  • Incra PushGUARD
  • Readily matched to a ProRouter Table Top. (Router Table Hardware Kit Required.)
Reviews (1)
Name : Rob van der Linden
Location : NE Victoria
Title : Table Saw Super System
Review : A couple of years ago, I purchased a second hand table saw which did not have a fence. I had already been using an Incra LS system on my old saw for several years and I transferred the LS to my "new" saw. Unfortunately my "new" saw was wider than the old one but Graham was able to supply a longer fence. (Excellent service BTW...) Once the LS system is setup properly (and this does take a fair bit of time and attention to detail...) it requires no further attention. There is no "drift" in the calibration - even with years of use. To set a particular width of rip, one merely selects the measurement on the stainless steel rule, move the fence to match and lock it place. Ready to cut! Simple, accurate and correct the first time, every time! If one needs to adjust a tenon for example, you can run the timber through again and trim as little as 1/20th millimeter off the wood - accurately! In my setup, I have my router table as an extension to my saw table. The LS, in conjunction with the Wonder Fence, makes for the perfect router fence. All I have to do is move the main "bridge" along the table (closer to the router) and it's ready to go. Perfect! There is only one minor issue with the system. When cross cutting, the space available to the right of the saw blade is limited to about 800mm on my set up due to the "bridge". To cut longer lengths, it is necessary to remove the bridge and fence (but not the rails!). An simple procedure involving undoing 4 wing knobs and lifting the top assembly off. The brilliant positioning system for attaching/locating the top assembly means that recalibration of the fence is not required. With the correct router bits, making accurate, perfectly fitting box and dovetail joints is a breeze! Although the LS system is quite expensive, it is far ahead of other after market fences and indeed every OEM fences I've seen. It's accuracy and reliability is second to none!

Questions (1)
Where can I aquire your product? I live in Italy and l'd like to kwow if there is here a dealer or should I send an elettronic order directly to you?

Try woodworkersworkshop.co.uk