Block Plane Blade 1-5/8" (41.3mm) 7/16" slot O1 High Carbon - Hock Tools
It seems the BLOCK PLANE is the workhorse of many cabinet shops. Although taken for granted, this is a very handy and versatile tool. And, like the larger bench planes, it responds well to a better blade and a little TLC.
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Product Description
  • This handy and versatile tool always benefits from having a well-made blade that holds a keen edge
  • These blades will fit Stanley-style and Record block planes, and they may fit others
  • They are available in two widths: 1 3/8" for Stanley-style low-angle planes and 1 5/8" for the 9 1/2 or standard-angle planes
  • Additionally, there are two slot configurations: a 5/8" wide slot for new(er) Stanley-style planes and a 7/16" narrow slot for the old(er) planes
  • All are 3/32" thick by 4 1/4" long
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