2-3/8" (60mm) Blade and Breaker Set High Carbon (O1) steel - Hock Tools
The perfect match for your Stanley and Record style planes, the blade and broker a.k.a. backing iron work together for the best possible results. Fits # 6 & 7 planes.
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Product Description
The Hock 2.38mm (3/32") thick blades are world renowned for their improved cutting action. They offer a substantial improvement over the inferior chrome-vanadium junk that comes with so many tools. Our high carbon steel blades can be honed more easily and will get sharper.

Cap Irons (Chip Breakers, Back Irons, etc.) for Traditional Stanley Planes. To maximize your plane's performance, a thicker chip breaker (cap iron) can stabilize the blade's cutting edge reducing vibration and chatter. Set your breaker very close to the cutting edge to best prevent tear-out. HOCK Chip Breakers are 3mm thick (.118"), almost twice as thick as a stock chip breaker. A knurled cap screw is included.

Here's some typical feedback..............."
Just purchased and received your blade and chip breaker for a 100 year old Stanley Bedrock 605. Right out of the package no honing fit right in the plane and started making shavings. I was ecstatic, cant wait to put a polished edge on it and see what it can do."  Thanks. -- MV

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