INCRA-LS 812 mm Range Positioner with Split Router Table Fence (Super System)
Having an Incra System replace the fence on you table saw is a great idea, adding a router table is a genius idea.
You Save $182.50

Add Router Table

Add Incra MagnaLock Plate or Mast-R-Lift

Upgrade to XL Version for saws wider than 720mm

Upgrade to 1320mm system

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Product Description
Spend more time cutting, less time tapping and measuring! Now available in metric, the LS positioner's patented lead screw positioning mechanics allow fence positioning accuracy of +/-0.05mm on 1mm increments across its entire range.

It's essentially perfect even without the built-in micro adjust, but the large micro-adjust knob turns the lead screw against the mating threads, allowing the fence to be shifted between incremental steps with .001" (0.025mm) resolution.

The incredible control available completely eliminates the "Tap, tap, tapping" involved in making small adjustments to a conventional rip fence. And since the mike is lead screw-based and reads directly in thousandths of an inch, it's repeatable as well. This micro adjust is entirely different from the random, slow-motion knobs used on rip fences in the past.

INCRA's TS-LS System was one of only two fence systems to earn top scores for alignment against the blade and lack of deflection in Wood Magazine's May 2004 Rip Fence Test.

Perfect alignment relative to the blade is guaranteed by the system's low friction and by the carriage lock's tremendous pressure across the sliding carriage, not unlike a traditional T-square style rip fences.

The fence can be initially aligned parallel to the miter slot, slightly "relieved" on the outfeed end, or anywhere in between.

Fast Facts;
  • Incra LS Positioner 32" or 810mm Range
  • Incra's Patented Steel Lead Screw 1.00mm pitch 
  • Micro Adjust Wheel with Rotating Bezel and Quick Action Cam Clamp
  • Incremental Positioning in 1mm (metric) Steps 
  • Continuous Micro-Positioning with Audible Detent Every 1/20th mm on metric version
  • Solid Steel and Aircraft Grade Aluminium Construction Throughout 
  • Engraved 810mm Stainless Steel Magnetic Scale 
  • Hairline Cursor and "Big View" Optical Window
  • 1830mm (72”) Fence Rails (pair) and brackets.
  • Fence and Mount Panel to suit tablesaws narrower than 720mm 
  • Hardware packs and fully illustrated easy instruction manuals
  • Right Angle Fixture 
  • Incra METRIC ShopSTOP
  • Master Reference Guide with 26 METRIC Templates
  • WonderFENCE Heavy Duty Split Fence 
  • Hi-Rise Fence Cap 
  • Incra PushGUARD
  • Readily matched to a ProRouter Table Top. (Router Table Hardware Kit Required.)
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Name : NickD
Location : Burrill Lake
Title : incra
Review : I use this product almost daily in my workshop. Very reliable and extremely accurate...

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