Brass Mini Try Sqare (45mm)
As with so many Japanese tools, this delightful little brass stocked square from Shinwa has been made with considerable thought and attention to detail.
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Product Description
The corner relief is extended where the brass stock meets the stainless steel, so that the measuring surfaces are isolated from the area where the blade is riveted to the stock. Accurate to better than 1/10mm (just a hair under 4 thousandths of an inch), the square may not be as accurate as humanly possible but it is more than adequate for a very wide range of tasks particularly sharpening and checking machine set-ups .

A hole in the square allows it to be hung close to a work area or tool and to be protected from knocking.

Fast Facts
  • 45mm blade length
  • Accurate up to 1/10mm (just under 4 thousandths of an inch)
  • Solid brass handle
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