1000SE Mitre Gauge - Incra
The Mitreing Solution for your Table Saw is Perfectly Clear Incra's 1000se
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Product Description

Builds on the excellent foundation provided by the Mitre 1000. The Incra exclusive Angle LOCK Indexing System delivers 41 lock solid angle stops in 5° increments over a full 180° range. Combine this with the included Glide LOCK Mitre Bar, Telescoping Incra LOCK Cut-off Fence and the Incra Flip Shop Stop, and you'll easily achieve mitring accuracy that you never thought possibleNow in FULL METRIC out of the box.
Combine that high-resolution protractor with the industry's smoothest adjustable mitre bar, a telescoping IncraLOCK Cut-off Fence & Flip Shop Stop, and a steel vernier scale that reads to 1/10°, and you've got a winner that will improve the quality of any project. 
Whether it's your basic 90° cut-off, simple picture frames, or a 20-sided object, the Mitre1000SE by Incra delivers perfect, repeatable accuracy.

Fast Facts;
  • Precision Angle Stops
  • Angle Between Stops
  • Vernier Cursor
  • Special Stops
±22.5° & ±67.5°
  • Angle Range
  • Mitre Bar Length
  • Mitre Bar Adjustments
  • Flip Fence Length
  • Telescoping Range
450 - 787mm
  • Stop
Flip Shop Stop
  • Angular Accuracy
  • Angular Repeatability
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