Metric LS 810mm (32") Table Saw System - Incra
The METRIC Incra TS-LS offers the one thing that every table saw fence should have, but none of them do, namely, Automatic Positioning Control. All other table saws depend on a tape measure and your eyesight to position your work. That's why all table saw users are resigned to the fact that a good cut requires long set-up times and endless trial and error.
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Upgrade to XL Version for saws wider than 720mm

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Product Description
The Incra TS-LS completely eliminates the need for these tedious processes by using Incra's patented lead screw technology to position your work instantly and automatically to within 0.002". 

Even better, if you want to repeat a cut, you can return to any former position in less than 5 seconds with ZERO repeatability error. This kind of accuracy and perfect repeatability are luxuries that woodworkers could only dream about before the Incra TS-LS. And because of its structural design, centrally placed carriage, and optimized side mounted clamping system, the entire unit virtually welds itself together into one solid block of steel and aluminium when locked in place. 

The result is exceptional strength, rigidity and stability.

Fast Facts;
  • Incra LS Positioner 32" or 810mm Range
  • Incra's Patented Steel Lead Screw 1.00mm pitch 
  • Micro Adjust Wheel with Rotating Bezel and Quick Action Cam Clamp
  • Incremental Positioning in 1mm (metric) Steps 
  • Continuous Micro-Positioning with Audible Detent Every 1/20th mm on metric version
  • Solid Steel and Aircraft Grade Aluminium Construction Throughout 
  • Engraved 810mm Stainless Steel Magnetic Scale 
  • Hairline Cursor and "Big View" Optical Window
  • 1830mm (72”) Fence Rails (pair) and brackets.
  • Fence and Mount Panel to suit tablesaws narrower than 720mm 
  • Hardware packs and fully illustrated easy instruction manuals
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