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Incra vs. Leigh

 by woodworksupplies on 05 Nov 2019 |
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Some wise words from our old mate Roger Phebey (former owner of Woodworkers Workshop UK.) on a video comparing the Leigh Jig with The Incra LS systems
Both products are from quality manufacturers and having over 15 years experience of importing & selling the INCRA product, before retiring some 4 years ago, I find your approach a little strange. It is what the product can do for you that is key.
Yes, the cost of purchase is important but I always found when talking to a prospective customer that the best place to start was by asking what they wanted to achieve because usually they came to the discussion with an idea of the cost. 
With an INCRA LS17 system you could make a lot of different projects, the model you are talking about was designed to be used on a saw table hence the 32" movement and was generally sold to those using it with a table saw/router table combination set up. 
Now I am biased and think the INCRA system is the better choice but it is really what you know you want to do with the system now, and possibly in the future. My advice is buy which ever product you decide on from a company that knows its product, Wood Workers Workshop for INCRA, as to who sells Leigh I don't know because in retirement I spend my time woodturning.

The video can be seen HERE


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