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June 2018

The Wixey WR365 Digital Angle Gauge with Level

 by sinisa on 15 Jun 2018 |
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With over 20 years designing woodworking machinery and accessories, Barry Wixey has, designed, and developed an extensive range of digital gauges for woodworking and woodworkers. The WR365 Digital Angle gauge is the flag-ship product. Since 2000 the gauge has been improved to incorporate several unique features. Having a Five-Point Flip Up Display, this Wixey angle gauge is easily visible and easy to position when setting and measuring. Also, it has a magnetic base and a display hold function which holds the current reading on display. It has a true level display that can calibrate using a bubble level indicator and 0.1-degree resolution numeric readout. Plus, it features a relative angle measurement in which the gauge can be zeroed to a nonlevel reference surface and angles the measured relative to that surface. Measuring in inches and millimetres, the Wixey WR365 digital angle gauge model provides accurate setups on saw blades, band saw tables, drill press and jointer fences and many other woodworking applications by measuring the angle between two surfaces down to 0.1 degrees. This is perfect for woodworking, as well as metal working, automotive jobs, metal fabrication, layout and other mechanical and construction works.  This Wixey WR365 digital gauge has an accuracy of ± 0.2 degrees and repeatability of ± 0.1 degrees. Also, it features a resolution of 0.1 degrees and a range up to ± 180 degree. Powered by 2 AAA batteries for 2 years life, this is a product no woodworker should be without.